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Now includes ehanced support and AutoCAD 360 mobile app.

Now includes ehanced support and AutoCAD 360 mobile app.

Perform faster design iterations and minimize rework with an intelligent 3D model.

Create CAD designs and drawings, and connect workflows from desktop to mobile.

Improved save performance

Sort order saved in file navigation browser

Off-screen selection    

Move/copy performance boost

Override xref layer properties

Ribbon gallery

Feature finder for help

Resizable modelspace viewports

Smart Dimensioning

Revision cloud enhancements

PDF enhancements

Optimized PDF output

Mtext superscript and subscript tools

Text Align

Geometry measurement tools

PDF publish/underlay

Object and layer transparency

Strike-through text

Autobullets and numbering

Mtext match properties

DWG™ convert

Xref path repair

AutoCAD mobile app

Share Design View enhancements

PDF output enhancements

Updated DWG file format

Online map update for Bing Map services

High-resolution monitor support    

New feature highlighting

Migration tool enhancements

Autodesk desktop app

Sysvar monitor