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Heavy Civil Construction

Accelerate construction and reduce rework by utilizing data-rich design models in the field. Whether it is direct survey layout, machine control grading and paving, or 4D/5D simulations, BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflows help digitize the construction process.

Collaborate with multidisciplinary 3D models, clash detection, and construction simulation so that project teams can identify and resolve issues that might delay the project, before the onset of construction. During construction, improve communication and reviews with access to project information anytime and anywhere.

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VLE Draughting

VLE Draughting is a company that specialises in structural steel detailing. The company was formed in 2014 to meet the engineering needs of both manufacturing and construction industries. With boundless avidity for structural design and detailing, and extensive technical abilities, VLE delivers high quality, effective and informative steel detailed drawings.

The Future of Construction Innovation

Interested in what’s in store for construction innovation? So are we!

The advent of exciting new technologies, like 3D printing, infinite computing, robotics, drones, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, is driving a massive change in how we build things.

Disruptive Civil Engineering Opportunities

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data (IoT), Code, Cloud, Civil Engineering. Which one doesn’t belong? They all belong and a couple more—BIM, BEM, Automation, Parametric Modeling. Our world is fast becoming a place where...

7 Ways Civil Engineers Can Boost Productivity with Cloud Tools

How do civil engineers manage their time during the workday? How do they tackle challenges like avoiding re-work and cutting down on errors? Many leading engineering firms are changing the way they work, by embracing the cloud to help...