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Fuso Co.: Thinking Smart About Water

For over 15 years, AutoCAD products have been at the core of everything Japanese public waterworks company Fuso Co. does, from construction to steel piping manufacture to researching new technologies for water management.

In response to their growing need for a flexible information infrastructure, Fuso Co. recently opted for 160 AutoCAD LT subscriptions.

These licenses can be transferred easily in response to workloads and projects and ensure they always have the latest version in use. Customers are impressed with the speed that edits can be made when requested.

Because of the success of AutoCAD LT subscription, Fuso is now looking into standardising subscriptions within the company to create a “common language” for all.

“The subscriptions have allowed for consolidation in CAD software as well as operability, which in turn has meant that business affairs can be conducted in a more open and efficient manner”. Satoshi Tanaka, Head of Technology Department, Fuso Co., Ltd.

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