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How to manage your software assets

What is SAM?

Software asset management (SAM) is the practice of managing the lifecycle of software assets within an organization.

Smart SAM practices can help your business manage complex licenses and prevent noncompliance. It can also help save you money by identifying over or under-deployment of licenses.

SAM isn't just about avoiding non-compliance. It helps protect your work, ensure productivity, and is smart business.

3 steps to SAM

Develop policies

1) Develop policies and procedures

Put policies and procedures in place for responsible software management. Examples include a process for centralized software purchasing and a corporate policy statement on software use.

2) Audit installed software

Take an inventory of your software assets and compare it to what is allowed under your entitlements to determine what is compliant or not compliant. This can also help identify outdated or unnecessary software.

3) Establish a routine audit schedule

Schedule internal audits on a regular basis to ensure your business remains compliant as it changes or grows.

Learn more about managing software

The Software Alliance (BSA) compiled best practices and industry standards for SAM. Start smart software management today.