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Compare Civil 3D with AutoCAD, Infrastructure Design Suite, InfraWorks 360, and other Autodesk civil engineering design software. Explore the connected workflows of BIM for Infrastructure.

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Perform faster design iterations and minimize rework with an intelligent 3D model

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Create CAD designs and drawings, and connect workflows from desktop to mobile

Gain more accurate, accessible, and actionable insight into infrastructure projects

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Improve quality, productivity, and asset management with broad access to mapping data

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Make decisions in real-world context and improve infrastructure project outcomes

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Evaluate constructability and design before construction begins for better project outcomes

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At a glance

  • Create intelligent 3D models
  • Perform faster design iterations through dynamic design updates
  • Generate construction documentation
  • Create stunning CAD designs
  • Speed documentation and detailing work
  • Connect workflows across desktop, cloud, and mobile
  • Gain more accurate, actionable insight into civil infrastructure projects using model-based civil, structural, utility, analysis, and visualization capabilities
  • Get broad access to GIS and CAD mapping data
  • Apply standards with intelligent models and CAD tools
  • Design in real-world context
  • Improve infrastructure project outcomes
  • Combine and connect data for better information management
  • Evaluate projects before construction begins, with clash detection and interference management
  • Perform simulation and advanced structural analysis

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Multi-year (2 years)    

Multi-year (3 years)    

Data access and exchange    

Survey data    

Surface modeling    

Base map creation    

Reality capture and point cloud capabilities    

Create surfaces from point clouds    

Work in real world coordinate systems    

Comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD tools    

Dynamic updates    

Corridor modeling    

Corridor modeling output and analysis    

Pressure pipe networks    

Gravity pipe networks    

Pipe network documentation    


Parcel design    

Bridge modeling    

Bridge and tunnel structural detailing    

Geotechnical modeling    

Rail track layout    

Use model-based tools for utility networks    

Create a 3D model of the existing environment    

Sketching and layout capabilities for design    

Create multiple design proposals in context    

Dynamic linking of design to documentation    

Drafting standards    

Construction documentation    

Section and detail views    

Map production    

Reports and tables    

Geospatial analysis    

Storm and sanitary analysis    

Surface model analysis    

Visual analysis    

River & flood analysis    

Create high quality visualizations    

Shadow and lighting analysis    

Photorealistic model rendering    


QTO and material calculation    

Cloud based collaboration    

Data shortcuts and references    

Clash detection and management