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Corridor design

Use corridor modeling functionality to create intelligent models for road and highway design and other transportation systems. Create proposed surfaces, earthwork volumes, material totals, and drafted cross sections. Select linear corridor targets from AutoCAD xrefs. Extract solids from corridor shapes. Directly use alignments, profiles, survey figures, feature lines, and AutoCAD polylines to define corridor transitions and elevation constraints. 

The interactive intersection builder enables you to create complex models through intersecting roads that remain dynamic as your designs change. Build intelligent custom components using Subassembly Composer.

  • Use the Loop Geometry tool for repeating specified links until they reach a surface target within the Subassembly Composer, or until they repeat a specified number of times. 
  • Specify corridor targets by layer. Apply corridor targeting using entities grouped in an AutoCAD layer, and select alignments by layer to use as width and offset targets. 
  • Create AutoCAD solids from Civil 3D TIN surfaces, pipe networks, and pressure networks, to use for visual analysis in other applications.
Corridor modeling for civil and corridor design