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Energy Analysis for Revit enhancement

Use the powerful new Energy Analysis capabilities in Revit 2016 to help improve your design decisions throughout the design process. Make changes earlier and more easily, reliably, and cohesively than before.

As you develop your designs from concept to detail, you can combine Conceptual Massing and Architectural Building elements in variety of ways. Now, in Revit 2016, an accurate Energy Analytical Model will be automatically created and displayed directly in Revit for conceptual massing models, architectural building element models, and even models that include both. The Energy Analytical Model can then be analyzed using Autodesk’s advanced simulation services in the cloud. The Energy Analytical Model itself is comprised of Analytical Space and Analytical Surface elements which can be made visible in any Revit view. Each of the different Analytical Surface types can be viewed together or on their own, to help validate the quality of the Energy Analytical Model.

From the Energy Analytical Model, a large number of DOE 2.2 whole building energy simulations can be run in the cloud via Green Building Studio to provide clear and consistent indicators of energy performance with immediate cause and effect feedback with the Energy Cost Range. The Energy Analytical Model can be exported through Revit’s Results & Compare in a variety of industry standard formats.