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Energy Analysis for Revit

Compare estimated energy and lifecycle costs. Determine energy consumption levels and building lifecycle costs using Energy Analysis for Revit software, a cloud-based energy simulation service, powered by Green Building Studio, which you can use to compare estimated energy and lifecycle costs.

Create energy analytical models to suit different design stage needs, workflows, and precision preferences. Create a model directly from architectural building elements and room/space elements, or create it manually using conceptual massing. Improvements for Revit 2016 include the ability to perform analysis on models that include both conceptual masses and building elements. This can be helpful when a design is partially detailed and partially conceptual, or when you have modeled conceptual masses to represent additions to an existing building. Use the Show Energy Model tool to create the energy analytical model and display it within the context of Revit with no need to export the energy model to gbXML or to Autodesk Design Review in order to view it.

In the Results and Compare window, the Energy Cost Range dashboard provides new analysis tools to help you understand the current energy cost of the analyzed building model and how changes to identified variables can reduce the overall cost.