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Architecture Solutions

The architecture industry is transforming. Projects are becoming increasingly complex. There’s pressure to complete work faster and at lower cost. Autodesk is here to help you solve for these challenges and ultimately win more work.

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Design solutions

Building information modeling

Building Information Modeling

The leading architecture firms across the world use BIM for its capabilities to reduce cost and improve the quality of buildings.

Connected BIM

Connected BIM

BIM plus the power of the cloud enables integrated design collaboration across teams and locations.

Generative design

Generative Design

Design exploration processes that allow designers to evaluate, automate, and optimize design options based on specific goals.

Autodesk software in action

BIM and computational design software

Hassel, Cox, and HKS

See BIM work

Hassell, Cox, and HKS architecture firms exceeded project objectives on the Optus Stadium using BIM and computational design software.

BIM and cloud-based collaboration tools


Get connected to go faster

Architecture firm, HKS, used BIM and cloud-based collaboration tools to accelerate design for the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

Sustainability goals with BIM

Johnson Controls International

High-performance building design

JCI achieves their sustainability goals using BIM.

Learn more about design workflows with Autodesk software

  • Design high-performing buildings

  • Automate Routine Workflows

  • Consume Topography Data

  • Revit + Insight (video: 1:31 min.)

  • Revit + Dynamo Studio (video: 1:25 min.)

  • Revit + Civil 3D (video: 2:06 min.)

BIM architecture software

AEC Partner Solutions

Autodesk partners are third-party technology providers that deliver architecture specific solutions that complement Autodesk software offerings to help you solve your business challenges.

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