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Bring GIS intelligence to enrich your design and analysis process

Consult with our experts today to more seamlessly integrate geographic information system (GIS) data into a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.

Why integrate GIS data and BIM design tools?

Improve data access across one operating model, enrich your context model, and create a more effective design.

  • Working with feature maps

    Get location insights

    Generate feature maps with Esri ArcGIS to derive powerful location insights.

  • Manipulate your data


    Manipulate your data as needed before sending it to InfraWorks for design.

  • Bring data into design process


    Import the latest GIS data into InfraWorks to improve analysis and design.

  • Data flow throughout design


    Continue to integrate your data and design work using Civil 3D, Revit, and more.

Our customers see the BIM and GIS opportunity

  • VHB testimonial

    Ryan B. Noyes

    Director of Innovative Project Delivery

    "This improved integration of BIM and GIS data won’t only help us early in our projects, but it will also allow us to maintain more robust project information throughout the asset’s lifecycle enabling us to deliver higher value to our clients."

  • Chuck Pietra

    Civil Infrastructure CAD Manager

    "The Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS is a dream, allowing for the ability to create smart InfraWorks objects from ArcGIS features and then saving them back.  This preserves the “ I “ in BIM and GIS and delivers on the promise of much more connected and simplified BIM workflows."

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Ready to integrate BIM and GIS?

Call us on +27 875 508 021 (Calls from all Africa countries) and +254 20 389 2127 (Calls from Kenya) or complete this form to speak with an Autodesk sales representative.

We’ll be happy to take any of your questions and help guide you to the right solution.